Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Praise And Worship Meets Rock And Roll

A Review of Unlikely Praise, By: Carla Rossi
Published by White Rose Publishing, March 2012

Cover Copy:

A tattooed rocker and an uptight music teacher-who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Candi Canaberry has been the worship leader at Cornerstone Fellowship since the doors opened. Candi has dedicated her life to praise and worship, so when Cornerstone explodes into mega-church territory, Candi is sure she'll be the one to take her team to the next level-isn't she the obvious choice? Apparently not. Church leadership has other ideas. She's given a partner to share her duties. But a one-time rocker with zero praise and worship experience? Recently saved Samuel "Shade" Blackledge is new to Cornerstone Fellowship. He's convinced a strong church family is what will help keep his head above water as he turns from things of the past and builds a new life. The Ex-Dead Lizard rock guitarist is shocked when the pastor suggests he might be just what the worship team needs. But could God really want a tattooed veteran of the club scene? And what about his less-than-Godly lifestyle to this point-not the least of which is a baby girl he's never seen? Worship practice has never been this interesting as Candi and Shade work their way towards each other-and Unlikely Praise.

This book really struck a chord with me. Ha! You get it? It struck a chord! But seriously, I found that I could relate to one of the characters in the book. No, it wasn’t Candi it was Shade. Like him, I had a rather sordid past and had a hard time understanding the workings of a church and “church people” when I first turned my life over to The Lord.

The characterization in Unlikely Praise is so well done. Carla makes you feel as though Candi and Shade could be a couple people you might actually meet at church. They have real life problems like Candi, who judges those she doesn’t understand or Shade, who doesn’t think he’s good enough to be used by God.

I really loved this book. The great story line and amazing characters allow me to heartily recommend it to anyone. Author Mary Manners says: Carla Rossi is a gifted writer who draws the reader in with talent and grace. I absolutely love her work.

I met Carla Rossi at a meeting of our local writer’s group. I’d seen her there a time or two and thought she was just another pre-published author like myself, trying to learn another morsel of information I can use to catapult myself toward publication. It wasn’t until Carla came and spoke to our group that I realized she’s a real, multi-published author. It’s still hard for me to understand how these people can seem so down to earth after being published. When I get a contract, I’m relatively sure I’ll drop all my old friends. After all, I’ll be much too good for them. ALL KIDDING ASIDE…it’s so nice to be able to talk to other authors and find out the common issues all authors deal with.

Carla Rossi is a multi-published, award-winning author as well as a cancer survivor, life-long music minister, and speaker. She has been writing inspirational romance for Pelican Book Group since 2007. Carla lives north of Houston with her husband. She has three grown children and two grandchildren.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Alias Thomas A. Katt By: Bob Stewart

Alias Thomas A. Katt was a very fun read! Bob Stewart based the cat in the book on his own feline pal. The book has a twist I haven't seen since Disney's, The Shaggy Dog. Thomas the cat is in the middle of receiving the blessing of Saint Expedite when he suddenly trades places with his owner's boyfriend. He then finds out the cop boyfriend is really a criminal and a murderer. The fur starts to fly when Thomas must figure out a way to protect his beloved mistress, Mallory from the evil person she's falling for. 

Bob does a wonderful job of showing the human plight through the eyes of a kitty cat. The book is based in present day New Orleans and the description and setting are spot on. Loved the book. 

Here's the back cover copy:
When Mallory opens the cage at the animal rescue center I trot out, right into her heart. She names me Thomas, a natural enough moniker for a male cat. It is a pampered life until I enter the surreal world of “feline noir” which twists my fondest dream into my worst nightmare after switching bodies with my mistress’ boyfriend, Tom A. Katt.

My fondest dream? To have human interaction with Mallory, not limited to purring and mewing.

My worst nightmare? Mallory is now on the hit list of a killer…

The dilemma: To save her by learning to successfully masquerade as a human. My knowledge of the human world is limited to television, movies, and the books Mallory reads to me on rainy New Orleans afternoons. And, how do you use those pesky opposable digits, anyway?

The horns of the dilemma: There’s always a chance we’ll switch back, leaving Mallory in deadly peril.