Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Can Only Imagine…

I’ve always been in awe of my two younger children’s imaginations. I sometimes think they weren’t too impressed by the world they were born into and therefore proceeded to create their own imaginary world. We never worried about entertaining them. There was plenty going on in their own minds to entertain the masses.

My daughter for instance decided around age four that any four inanimate objects were a ‘family’. Waiting for food at a fancy restaurant…no problem, salt shaker…mommy, pepper…daddy, fork, spoon…you’re the kids. And viola, she was entertained for hours.

My son, on the other hand, has his own brand of imagination. He doesn’t need common table items to keep himself entertained. All he needs is players for the ‘game’ going on in his mind. At any hour of the day I might find myself on a spy mission in some remote part of the world wielding an imaginary gun that shoots plasma beams. If the boy could learn how to put his imagination into a video game he’d be a millionaire.

I’ve often wondered how they come up with these ideas. Then I thought about my own childhood. Mother bought my brother and me a box of modeling clay and shortly thereafter, the “Flunkies” were born. Flunkies were bean-shaped clay figures that decided they would form a rock and roll band, complete with guitars, microphones, drums, amps, the whole works. Then there was the “Funky-Four” a group of four kids whose mission was to protect Devil’s Island from the kids down the street. Devil’s Island was a heavily wooded lot across the street from our house. My best friend from next door and I created duct tape purses long before they became hip. Barbie and GI Joe got dumped in the closet…imagination was king!

I would like to think that my love of imagination sparked my interest in writing fiction. Imagination is the forerunner to invention…creation. And that leads me to believe that our God must have an outrageous imagination!

Yes, imagination, like a mind, is a terrible thing to waste. So go out and buy a box of modeling clay and exercise your imagination. You might be surprised at what you come up with.

Picture provided by Paul M. McRae - 2010 Houston Art Car Parade