Tuesday, May 3, 2011


EMILY: What’s all this I hear about baby seals killing Osama Bin Laden?

Well I say it’s about time! For years I’ve heard about the senseless killing of baby seals. You’ve seen the pictures. Poor little things, laying on the ice, minding their own business when some crazy lummox decides to club them to death for their fur coats. Well now the tables have turned and the seals are fighting back!

From this day forward, Osama Bin Laden will never club another poor baby seal to death! And furthermore…

ANCHOR: Miss Litella, I’m afraid you didn’t hear the story correctly.

EMILY: What?

ANCHOR: Yes, well the story says that Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden, not baby seals.

EMILY: So it was Navy Seals that killed Bin Laden and not baby seals?

ANCHOR: That’s right.

EMILY: Ohhhhhh well that’s different.