Thursday, January 17, 2008

Connor on God

Connor is seven. Most of the time, Connor and I talk about things such as Zelda, Avatar, swords or even dragons. Every now and again, however, we have conversations of a spiritual nature. This is my recollection one of those exchanges.
“Hey, Mom, my friend at school saw that movie The Golden Compass and she said…”
“Oh, Connor I told you we weren’t going to watch that movie. “
“I know, but why did her mom take her to see it, if it’s a bad movie?”
“Well honey, her parents don’t go to church, so I guess it’s not important to them that at the end of the book, the movie is based on, two kids kill God.”
“Oh… Mom, pretend like you don’t even know who Jesus is.”
“Okay…uh, who is this Jesus guy that everybody keeps talking about?”
“Mom, you know who Jesus is.”
“I know, but you told me to pretend I don’t know Him. I thought you were going to tell me about Him.”
“Oh…well, he was born on Christmas day.”
“Yeah, I think they call it Christmas day, because that’s when He was born.”
“Then He grew into a fine boy.”
“Uh huh, then what happened to Him?”
“He grew into a man, and he healed lots of people.”
“That’s right. What else happened?”
“He died on a cross.”
“Why did he have to die on a cross, Connor?”
“Because, everybody hated him, and they said, ‘crucify Him, crucify Him, crucify Him! Then they did it.”
“But did Jesus have to die?”
“No, He could have lived a lot longer.”
“I know, but why did Jesus have to die?”
“He died because of our sins.”
“Bingo! So tell me, what did the girl tell you about that movie?”
“Well, I told her that I got a Webkinz® for Christmas and she told me she got a Webkinz® too. Hers is the penguin from The Golden Compass and she got it for one dollar.”
“Oh, that’s cool.”
“Mom, I saw that girl at our church one time. Why did she even come to church?”
“Her grandma used to go to our church, but moved away, so now when she comes for a visit, she takes all her grandkids to church with her. Her grandma knows that it’s probably the only time they ever get to go to church.”
“You should go to church all the time if you love Jesus.”
“Yeah, that’s what I think.”
“I love Jesus more than anything.”
“I know you do, Connor. You love Him so much that you invited Him to live in your heart.”
“That’s right. Mom, I love you.”
“I love you too, Connor.”