Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Great Debater

My teenage daughter has found a new pastime. It’s one of those nasty habits teenagers tend to pick up at school. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s called…debate. But seriously, has there ever been a more appropriate school supported event for adolescent women to participate in than DEBATE? I mean maybe it’s just me, but don’t all teenage girls know how to argue?

The funny thing about it is Casey has been grooming herself as a great debater since she learned to speak with perfect “Grammar Blue Book” skills at the age of twelve months. I kid you not, people would stop me in the grocery store to comment on my child’s advanced use of the English language. Oh, did I mention these people were usually pointing out the fact that she was practicing her skills on complete strangers. She probably would have been abducted years ago, but no one can take that much talking.

Having mastered verbal communication at such an early age has resulted in a teen who speaks with the rapidity of an auctioneer. Her grandfather teases her by attempting to adjust the ‘speed’ on his hearing aid in order to understand her. I wonder if Casey will use speed to her advantage against unwary debate opponents.

Anyway, back to the topic. Casey is already showing great promise in her first two competitive debates. Unfortunately she lost all three rounds in her first attempt. But that’s understandable since she had only a week and a half to prepare having joined late. And I don’t know who picks the topics for debates, but personally, I would never pick something like ‘the pros and cons of government bailouts.’ Casey could have won hands down if the topic were something to the effect of…who’s Twilight Team is hotter, Team Edward Cullen or Team Jacob Black?

In her second competition, Casey managed to win one, tie one and lose one! Now that’s progress…you go girl! I knew all that talking was eventually going to turn out to be good for something. Who knows, she may be the next Sandra Day O’Connor. Casey A. O’Hare, hmmm that does have a nice ring to it.