Monday, October 3, 2011

The Chair

Christian Author, James L. Rubart’s third release has earned him kind words from heavy hitters in the Christian writing world such as, Tracie Peterson, best-selling author of the Striking a Match series, Bill Myers, best-selling author of Eli and The God Hater, and even Terri Blackstock!  Here’s what the back cover copy says about the book.

If you were given an ancient-looking chair and told Jesus Christ made it, would you believe it? When an elderly lady shows up in Corin Roscoe’s antiques store and gives him a chair she claims was built by Christ he scoffs. But when a young boy is miraculously healed after sitting in the chair, he stops laughing and starts to wonder: Could this chair heal the person whose life I destroyed twelve years ago?

As word spreads of the boy’s healing, a mega-church pastor is determined to manipulate Corin into turning over the chair. But the mysterious woman who gave him the piece insinuates it is Corin’s destiny to guard the chair above everything else. Buy who? Desperate, he turns to the one person he can trust, a college history professor who knows more about he legend of the chair than he reveals.

Searching for truth about the artifact and the unexplained phenomena surrounding it, Corin soon realizes he isn’t the only one willing to do almost anything to possess the power that seems to surround the chair.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Well believe me when I say that it is! Rubart hits another homerun with his most recent installment entitled, The Chair. Having loved Rubart’s first two books, Rooms and Book of Days, I highly recommend this book as well.  Happy reading!